Why choose Action Film Academy ?

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1. Why AFA?

Michael DePasquale Jr., the Action Film Academy producer and martial art pioneer, and the instructors at the Action Film Academy, have been in the Movie and Martial Art industry for over 25 years. Most all of their moments on film have been action scenes. As well as the fighting and stunts on film they are also stunt coordinators, producers, Directors and more. With their many years of experience and reputation in the industry, they can provide you with the training you need to get into the action film business.

2. How long has the Action film academy existed?

The Action Film Academy has been running for over 20 years. Each year, we invite aspiring Stunt people, Movie Actors & Actresses, martial artist and all interested parties to join us in this great adventure.

3. History of AFA?

AFA was started by Michael DePasquale Jr. through Karate International magazine which he distributed for 12 years. The idea was conceived with Keith Strand berg, Keith Vitale, Joe Hess and Joe Bonnacci, all who are known for Movie making and martial arts.

4. What are the requirements?

There are no requirements, just be healthy and ready to train. If you are a minor you will need your parent or guardians consent. If you are under the age of 15 the presence of a guardian is required.

5. AFA Certification?

Action Film Academy certification is a great add-on for any Martial Arts Instructor, Stunt Coordinator, or Acting School Instructor. The AFA Fighting and Falling Certification is in place for those who are interested in teaching the basics of Action Stunt Fighting and Falling techniques. For example, how would you like to add a new program for kids to perform more dynamically for the Demo Team performance or Tournament Style Performances for your school? This is where your certification training comes in, and prepares you to provide the knowledge necessary to successfully understand what it takes. These skills that you are teaching are easily used on stage, live demos, or film by your potential students in your program.

6. The Stunt Show

Every year attendees perform their stunt skits with their groups at the end of the weekend and are judged on their group efforts performing their acting, stunt fighting and falling program.

7. Why do I need AFA training?

An individual or Group would need training though Action Film Academy because every production company, whether that be TV or Film, looks for experts to perform the skills required such as Fight Scenes open handed, Bar Room, Battle Field Fights, Weapons Fighting, etc. There are also many extreme stunts that might be required in TV or Film such as obstacle stunts, examples like being thrown though a window, or Fire Escape fall into an Airbag, or simply being shot and having the proper body reaction to create the illusion that a person has been hit by a live round. All action in any action film has to look real. The individual or group pursuing a career in the film business have to understand the physical challenge as well as the mental challenge, especially when dealing with any film or TV project that has action in it.

8. AFA and Martial Artists

With the martial arts becoming a large part of the entertainment business, martial artists have an opportunity to learn and train at the AFA to further there opportunity breaking into the action film business.

9. AFA and Actors/Actresses

We all know that the movie and television industry today more than ever before is looking for talented actors that can not only act but can perform their own stunts especially now that there are a lot of police, horror, fantasy and military movies and TV shows.

10. How do I know if I am qualified?

The only qualifications to participating in a Michael DePasquale Jr. Action Film Academy are to have a willing spirit to learn. Everyone has always parted from the academy with knowledge that helps them perform their stunts and action skills better.

11. Is there an age minimum/maximum?

In stunt work, there is not a minimum or maximum age. We have had students who are as young as 7 years of age, and as old as 65. The main issue when it comes to performing stunts is safety. Training includes learning the proper safety precautions for all stunts; therefore age is not an issue. The training is specifically designed to minimize any potential injury that a stunt person could encounter. Knowledge helps you keep safe.

12. What will I learn other than fighting for film?

Fight Choreography - Fight Choreography teaches you how to perform a staged fight scene for Movies, TV, Stage or live shows. A trained fight choreographer will set the actors in place for any type of fight scene and show them the best way to perform a fight, and how to hit their mark. When working as a team the fight scenes are dynamic.

Body Reactions - Here one learns the physical side of how the body works to make a fight scene look as real as it can get. At the AFA everyone learns this process. With continued practice one can hit their mark and fine tune their fighting skills with ease.

Obstacle Training - The practitioner will learn skills using obstacles such as desks, chairs, tables, windows, doorways, furniture, barrels and more. This is an art itself because of the application of technique that is required when obstacles are involved.

Head Snaps - Head Snaps make a punch to the face look real. The camera angle, the lighting, and the special effects are all great elements of a good on-screen face punch, but the Head Snap sells the shot. We teach you the fine art of timing, movement, and pace which makes you and the person you are fighting look like professional fighters.

High Falls - Falling from any height can be a challenge for anyone who is not fond of air stunts or heights. With the proper safety and training, you will take a 2 story fall like a professional. How to fall and where to fall is just part of having the confidence to drop from a 2 story building, scaffolding, or obstacle.

There are other instructional programs that are included at the AFA, some that are only demonstrated and others are taught.

- Tram/Trampoline Work

- Acting

- Swing line

- Zipline

See You In The Movies!

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